What is the Accreditation Process?

A Franchisor applying for TFA membership will undergo a vetting process to confirm that their franchise offering is sustainable, ethical, and transferable.

Accreditation is important because it: Helps determine if a franchisor meets or exceeds minimum standards of quality and abides by the ethics and codes of conduct that should be expected within the franchise industry and set out within the (TFA) Franchising Code of Ethics. It helps potential franchisees determine acceptable opportunities for investment and completing due diligence. It is particularly essential within a none regulated industry that accrediting bodies are available for all sectors that provide choice and competition and that awarding bodies themselves do not operate in a way that is exclusive or restrictive in any way that does not benefit potential franchisees.

The Franchise Alliance ensure that the accreditation process in place meets the key, essential aspects necessary to ensure that a member franchisor aspire to ensure the mutual benefit of parties carrying out business with the assistance of advice, guidance, peer-to-peer and linear support. That they are following recognised and proven methods with regards to operations, products, services, marketing and training. We expect potential members to be able to demonstrate how they meet these standards and provide evidence, where appropriate.

The Process

Potential member's business models must demonstrate not only the obvious demand for their products and services, but their methods for providing franchisees advice, guidance, peer-to-peer and linear support in the areas of operations, sales, marketing and training, along with proven financial success that can support a franchise network.

As part of the accreditation process, a financial evaluation using credit reference agencies and a review of the franchise agreement and documentation, will be carried out to ensure that there is alignment with the (TFA) Franchise Code of Ethics.

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Want to just talk?

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How do you apply for TFA annual accreditation?

Why join us?

  • Accreditation to demonstrate you are an ethical and sound franchise business
  • Analysis to ensure return on investment for franchise recruitment marketing - enhanced package only
  • An impartial print audit to identify reduced costs on print and design
  • Bespoke support and guidance in applying for franchisor and franchisee funding
  • Extra visibility through your comprehensive accreditied franchisor listing
  • Extra visibility through social media activities
  • Monthly newsletters, including franchisor “spot light”, industry updates and information
  • Access to dispute resolution and mediation services*
  • Access to operations assistance to review and provide guidance on franchise operations material*
  • Display your TFA accreditation on your marketing literature

* These would be chargeable on a case by case basis