Are All Your Eggs In One Basket?

eggs More than 44,000 operations on the high street are franchises so it should be no surprise that a predicted trend for franchising in 2016 is that there will be a growing number of multi-brand operators, some operating two or three different brands in a portfolio of franchised businesses.

Where some of the larger franchises are gradually becoming dominated by fewer franchisees owning multiple units, some smaller operators in the UK are looking outside of that brand for expansion.

Multi brand franchising has been a trend which has been more fully exploited in the United States and lends itself well to food outlets. Take the case of entrepreneur Anil Yadav who currently operates 227 Jack In The Boxes, 30 Denny’s and has just recently become the broker for Marco’s Pizza for both Northern and Southern Carolina.

In the UK alone the franchise sector contributed over £15.1 billion to the economy and established names such as Dale Carnegie are looking to entice those in related fields to “bolt on” their training franchise to “add prestige to your enterprise and expand your opportunities with your customers?”.

Most franchisees however are more likely to stick with running one brand profitably with the support and guidance for which they have paid.

Whether you are looking for the one brand that is right for you or you are a budding Anil Yadav get in touch and find out how The Franchise Alliance, its accredited franchisors, suppliers and strategic partners may be able to support you.