Alliance Preservation

Preserving The Past-Guaranteeing The Future
Alliance Preservation

Collingwood Street Collingwood House, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1JW, Newcastle , United Kingdom

0800 096 93 90

Preserving The Past-Guaranteeing The Future

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Damp Proofing, Condensation, Timber Treatment, Property Inspection, Structural Repair and building services in the UK

Alliance Preservation was established in 1981 and incorporated in 1991. The service is headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne and Saltburn by the Sea in the NE region and trades nationally via franchised outlets in selected parts of the UK including Hull, Leeds, York, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Stafford and London. A joint marketing and development team are based in London as Eradicure Alliance Ltd.


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