We know the greatest challenge we share in this competitive market is maintaining visibility and engaging with the best potential candidates to invest in your franchise.

Successful franchise recruitment is as much about getting the maths right as it is about the message. That is why TFA have introduced Marketing Analysis for Franchisors (MAFs). This will support you in finding the best candidates to strengthen your network!

Why our experience enables us to deliver the MAFs 
TFA have over 25 years in-house experience of dealing with virtually all the major recruitment methods and have accumulated a far reaching and valuable resource of knowledge.

So we know exactly what works where, what doesn’t, what it should cost, and how it should work.

Our expertise and industry knowledge also allows us to advise on expected conversion ratios and lead numbers s across a range of mediums.

By being closely connected with our membership base our understanding of lead generation performance is current and allows for recent trends and changes with regards to the ever changing order of best performing lead generation methods and mediums.

How we deliver it
We are able to review a franchisors current activity and spend and provide specific recommendations and advice based on techniques and strategies, which when applied will have a proven effect in being able to increase lead generation and increase your return on investment.

The benefit of membership does not stop there. As an alliance we are committed to assisting you in reducing costs, not just increasing revenue. Read how to reduce costs here